"Good Times"
46in X 66in Wood Carving
Poplar Wood, Acrylic Paint, Plywood
September 2023
Created during the Artists For Humanity inaugural Fellowship between April 2023-September 2023. 

The main inspiration for Fast Girls Running Faster are people who’ve been outcasted for perceived promiscuity since youth. Those perceived as women or femme are subjected to potentially being deemed “Fast” or “promiscuous”; these labels and their variations allow space for dehumanization and excuses for abuse. Through this work, I hope to speak to the true nature and human hood of those who’ve lived this experience and the complexities that come with it.

Special Thanks: to everyone who supported me through the completion of this work.
The Artists For Humanity Community for endless support, equipment, encouragement, rides to the lumber yard and emergency coffees. I would like to especially thank Dan White and Nate from the AFH 3D department for the extensive knowledge and guidance with all things wood shop, additional heavy duty tools and problem solving. It truly meant the world. 
Thank You Stephen Hamilton for telling me to switch my wood early in my process. That change (and challenge) truly brought this into fruition.
Thank you Rene Galvan for your continuous support, feedback, and encouragement to keep going BIGGER. 
And finally, Thank you coconuts! My fellowmates Amril Foster, Ayana Mack, Michael Talbot, and Kevin Nguyen, our awesome grandpa (mentor Superstar) DR. Problak, and the best fellowship coordinator in the world, Nicole Dubov

Thank you everyone for all the love. 
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